The Jive Cape Town Funny Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary at the Baxter Theatre from 10 June – 7 July. Generous discounts for corporate and group bookings. Book at Webtickets.

The Jive Cape Town Funny Festival’s long-standing legacy, international appeal, support from sponsors and local government, commitment to emerging talent, remarkable ticket sales and strong business acumen, make it the stand-out annual project on Cape Town’s event calendar.

Eddy Cassar Public Relations founded and has annually curated and produced The Jive Cape Town Funny Festival since its inception in 1997. It is the oldest and largest comedy project in the country and is held in the middle of Winter each year – June/July, with a minimum of 27 performances in the 700 seater Baxter Theatre. Every show since inception has been sold out and attracts an audience of 18 ooo people annually. The Festival gets its mammoth support from corporates and charities who purchase thousands of tickets each year, either for their clients or staff or to raise funds for charity.

This year, The Jive Cape Town Funny Festival celebrates its 25th year and has become a comedic institution, showcasing not only the brilliance of local giants like Trevor Noah, Tumi Morake, Riaad Moosa, Nik Rabinowitz and Marc Lottering, but global giants like Jimmy Carr, Lee Mac, Adam Hills, Russell Peters, Paul Zerdin, Nina Conti, Tape Face and many others from around the globe.

Beyond its star-studded line-up, the festival’s ability to seamlessly integrate local and international acts fosters cultural exchange, presenting Cape Town and South Africa as a vibrant hub for comedy on a global stage. This not only benefits the performers but also provides local audiences with a rich tapestry of humour, creating a unique and inclusive comedy experience. The support from local and international sponsors, as well as the backing from local government, emphasizes the Festival’s significance in the cultural landscape.

It also demonstrates the widespread recognition of its positive impact, not just in the entertainment sector but also in promoting tourism and community engagement. Noteworthy aspect is the festival’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent through the Jive Funny Championships. By offering a platform for new stand-up comedians, the Festival contributes to the growth and diversification of the comedy industry, ensuring a continuous influx of fresh voices and perspectives.

The staggering success of the Jive Cape Town Funny Festival is underscored by its impressive 27 sold-out shows over the wet and cold Cape Winter. This not only attests to its popularity, but also highlights its ability to consistently deliver high-quality entertainment that resonates with audiences.