Ticket Prices & Bulk Discounts

There is nothing like enjoying the Jive Cape Town Funny Festival with friends, colleagues or club mates while raising money for a great cause. The Funny Festival is billed as Cape Town’s Winter comedic tonic and is always a great night out.

Many charities and clubs raise healthy amounts of money through our generous group discounts.

Call Eddy Cassar on 082 4503151 or eddy@eddycassarpr.co.za, or the email Carmen Kearns at Baxter Theatre on 076 1137304 at carmen.kearns@uct.ac.za for assistance, or send us a message and we will contact you.

Ticket Prices & General Bulk Discounts – 2024

1 – 9 Tickets R210 each
10 – 29 Tickets (Same Performance) R190 each
30 – 49 Tickets (Same Performance) R180 each
50 – 149 Tickets (Same Performance) R175 each

Bigger Discounts for over 150 Tickets

150 – 299 Tickets (Same Performance) R160 each
300 – 650 Tickets (Same Performance) R150 each

Extra Discounts for Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the first three weeks

100 – 299 Tickets (Same Performance) R140 each
300 – 650 Tickets (Same Performance) R130 each


Bulk Bookings:  Frequently Asked Questions

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If I don’t sell all my tickets, can I return them?

The answer is no. Once you take tickets you cannot return them. We would prefer you to take fewer tickets, sell them and take more as you need. We will honour the discounted group ticket price on the final amount of tickets drawn.

If I draw tickets in 100s, 50s, then 20s, do I still quality for the discount?

If they are for the same performance, we will honour the discount on the final amount drawn

Can I purchase bulk tickets on Webtickets?

You can book up to 99 tickets to the same performance on Webtickets, and qualify for the group discount.

However, you are welcome to book bulk tickets through Carmen at the Baxter Theatre – 021 685 7880 or carmen@uct.ac.za. Please copy  eddy@eddycassarpr.co.za when booking via the Baxter, or call 082 450 3151.

How long is a show?

The show runs for two-and-a-half hours, with a twenty minute interval.

Can I organise catering for my group?

Catering can be arranged with Theresa at The Praschad Restaurant at the Baxter Theatre, at 021 685 7880.